About DayScholars Innovations

DayScholars Innovations Pvt. Ltd. started off as a Startup Company by 6 engineering graduates in 2011, and has now grown into a Multi-City Organization with presence in 3 cities across South India. Helping build software products that define innovation and accessibility, the focus has been on building solutions that make life easier and technology more accessible to the individual user and businesses alike. With a strong array of 4 products and a user base of over 60,000 across South India, the team at DayScholars Innovations has risen to host some of the best technical and creative minds in the industry, the core essence of our success. Just as strongly as we advocate technology and its use, the strong support system provided by our clients has also played a major role in the glory we bask in now. Acting on a partnership basis and not just on pure raw Company-Client relations, we enjoy providing solutions to your business problems. After all, finding solutions to problems is the real challenge. And we, love challenges.


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