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Association Management Software

Associate is a comprehensive solution for Associations, Communities and Groups to manage their memberships and communication. Notifying members of events, due dates and collecting membership fees are now an easy as a few clicks. Associate automates your association's membership subscription process with automated email/SMS notifications and Payment gateways, whatever be your membership structure.

Cloud Based School Mangement Software

STEPS stands for “Student Timeline and Educational Progress System” and is a comprehensive portal which brings into a single dashboard, all the academic details of a student, including attendance, performance growth and important notes. STEPS was born with the vision to keep parents updated about their child's academic progress, thereby building a trust factor with the institution and teachers

Distribution and Supply-Chain Management Solution

Versa is a cloud based Supply chain management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Versa delivers transformational functionality to the processes that are critical to your business success. It helps in Maintaining customer loyalty, and improve your ability to serve your existing customers.

HR Management Suite

Attendays HR suite automates everything related to HR in a single software system, enabling you to gather, track, manage, and analyze all data of your employees. With Attendays, you have the ideal tool to manage your most valuable resource - your workforce, to ensure the success of your organization. So, Spend more time managing your talent and less time managing your data. Your success depends on it

Transfly Logistics Software

Transfly integrates your complex business process into a single, highly streamlined ecosystem and gives you visibility and control over your freight movements, performance and costs to rapidly deliver you savings. Transfly sets the standard for leading edge, logistics management system and provides businesses with actionable insights to help you stay ahead of your competitors. With our software in the cloud, you can manage your freight from anywhere with an internet connection.